Literature is a territory. It knows no cadastre, or borders. Writers, nevertheless, draw geography, map of the tender. There are countries that inspire, distilling dreams. The Argonne is a ceuxia. Ardennes moments, this region only a province retains the poet. “Continual Orchard,” according to Victor Hugo, “natural fortress” according to the geographer, gives to dream only uttered her name.

At the invitation of Frederick Chief, Gisele Bienne, Patricia Osganian, Michael Bernard, Franz Bartelt, Stephane Emond, Pierre-Jean Brassac, Paul Mathieu told us their walks. To read them, we note the Argonne it is felted dreams countries, “a color, memories of history”, a “single stop on the edge.” We will leave the side of Valmy, the High Ride at Sommerance, Froidos Varennes…

Well go with mushrooms, as a way of paying tribute to Andre Dhotel, company elected Patrick Argonnais Reumaux and Xavier Carteret. Mycology is the mystery that is poetry without limits. A special thank you to Mayor Brigitte, Jean-Claude Pirotte and Jean-Marie Lecomte for illustrations of this.

The Ardennes, lest we forget, is our “northern Patagonia”, where Serge Frechet prospects. The authors of “Features” are our guests from everywhere and nowhere, sometimes Ardennes. In September, we will Charleville paths to celebrate, on paper, the puppet. As Yvon Lambert said: “The disease of Ardenne is well fed. Incurable! Durable!”